The Mark of Change (ENG-WIP)

“The only important rite of a Kobold’s life is their coming of age ceremony. No Kobold can dodge it, unless some good reasons are brought up by the Council itself (chronic illness, for example, is considered a good justification). Generally, a little group of young adults (from 3 to 5) is kicked out of the tribe for at least 10 days. They’re to receive the help of no other Kobolds but themselves, and they must remain in the wilderness the entire time. To prevent them from finding shelter with other tribes – which is considered cheating – the Council draws on each of them The Mark of Change; this is done using a waterproof, scratch-proof natural color that sticks to the Kobold’s skin and fades away in exactly ten days, a technique which is also used for war paints. The symbol, a straight line with an open circle on top and a dot in the middle of it, is well known to the Kobolds of every tribe; it represents the new awakening – both mental and physical – of the young adults. When the paint disappears, initiates can consider themselves adults, whichever decision they took and wherever they are when it happens.”

-The Mark of Change, excerpt

Featured publicly for the first time as a partial sneak peek in the The One-time Journal of Findings in RPG Design (Scabland Press, 2017), The Mark of Change is my main and upcoming project. I consider this my (hopefully) Opus Magnus (so it better be good!). I’ve been working on this since late 2016 now, but I’m getting to a conclusion this year.

Stay tuned!